COLLEGE STATION, Texas - Despite being around since 2008, the 'so-called alt-right' movement has recently received a lot of attention following the presidential election. The movement has even stirred up controversy on the campus of Texas A&M following the news that one of the founders of the movement is scheduled to speak at the university in early December.

"The event will be featuring Richard Spencer. Richard Spencer is one of the founders of what is called the alt right movement and the man that coined the term alt right", said Preston Wiginton, organizer of the event.

Although the event is still scheduled to take place, campus officials continue to blatantly express that Texas A&M University does not endorse his rhetoric or views in any way, but due to constitutional rights and campus policies cannot deny him the opportunity to hold the event.

"When a speaker is brought to a college campus, it validates their point view", said Texas A&M student Michael Mendelsohn.

The University plans to hold an inclusion event the same night that Spencer is expected to speak on campus. The event is scheduled to take place December 6 at the Memorial Student Center.