BRYAN, Texas - Life after graduation for high school seniors can often be challenging due to the fear of the unknown, but Bryan High Cosmetology Instructor Sharonda Williams says her seniors have a pretty solid idea of what their going to do once they graduate.

"You can do nails, you can do hair, you can even do facials," said Sharonda.

Sharonda has been teaching at Bryan High for the past 10 years and says the program has changed since she graduated from it in 1991.

"The students and the area have grown much more, and the industry has so we have more opportunities for our students as well," said Sharonda.

Along with the core classes, students complete three hours of cosmetology coursework each day.

"I've learned braiding, different types of curls. I've learned how to do some coloring and chemical texturizing, and much more hair cutting as well," said cosmetology student Reanna Garcia.

From cutting and coloring on mannequins, to styling actual clients and even building their own salons. The classes offer students a range of skill sets to prepare them for the future.

The cosmetology students at Bryan High are busy perfecting their skills for the state UIL competition and their state board certification exams.