HARRIS COUNTY, Texas – The manhunt for the suspect in the murder of Pct. 3 Asst. Chief Deputy Clint Greenwood ended with a bizarre twist Monday.

Hours after idenitfying the suspected killer as 64-year-old William Francis Kenny, Baytown police learned he was dead. Kenny killed himself outside Ben Taub Hospital the day after Deputy Greenwood was gunned down.

"Investigators also learned that the weapon Mr. Kenney used to take his own life is consistent with the weapon that was used in the murder of Assistant Chief Deputy Greenwood," said Lt. Steve Dorris with Baytown P.D.

This surveillance video helped Baytown police identify William Kenny. (Baytown PD)

Baytown PD says Kenny was tracked down with additional surveillance video not released to the public.

"With the help of businesses in the area, we were able to track our suspect vehicle to a convenience store," said Lt. Dorris. "We were also able to do some investigative work on the vehicle aspect of the case, which led us to identifying a rental car, which led us to Mr. Kenny."

KHOU 11 News uncovered a website that could help explain Kenny's motive in the case. On the website, he ranted about an ongoing grudge against Harris County that dated back to 2012. Deputy Greenwood's name was mentioned several times on the site, along with dozens of other law enforcement officers and Harris County employees.

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Kenny's anger with the county apparently began after his former father-in-law called 911 about him.

Despite rumors of a possible "hit list," police say at this time it does not look like any others were targeted by Kenny.

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"...why Assistant Deputy Chief Greenwood was the person he went after, we just don't know right now," Lt. Dorris said. "It's going to be difficult for us to answer, because the only person who can answer it is no longer here."

Dorris said the case is far from closed.

"Our detectives still have a lot of work to do and we will continue to work this investigation as if he is still alive and planning to go forward with a prosecution on it."

An obituary posted to Legacy.com states Kenny was from New York but moved to Houston with his family after college. Kenny worked for Katy ISD as a computer programmer before founding his own company. He was one of nine siblings and had three sons, a stepdaughter and two grandsons.

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