A Houston Independent School District trustee sent out a controversial tweet about Donald Trump, but she isn't backing down.

In a tweet posted on Nov. 13 , she wrote, “President-elect Donald Trump is Hitler 2.0!"

She said she has an obligation to stand up for constituents who she believes will be disenfranchised by Trump's policies.

Also, she said she was exercising her right to free speech.

“It's absolutely not outlandish. Hitler ended up killing a whole bunch of people because he was racist. He hated Jewish people. He was an anti-semite,” said Jones. “Donald Trump is saying the exact same thing about Jews, about black people, about Mexicans, what's the difference?”

HISD said because the superintendent works for the board members, he wouldn't comment on something a board member tweeted.

The president of the board also didn't want to comment on the tweet.