COLLEGE STATION, Texas -- Kaiti and Cara Haymaker appeared on the NBC hit show, American Ninja Warrior. They’re the first twins to ever appear on the show, earning them the unique nickname, “twinjas.”

Both are mechanical engineering students at Texas A&M. Along with the heavy course load, what you didn't see on television was the hard work it took to even get on the show.

"We were tired a lot, and didn't have a lot of free time, but it was really fun,” Cara said.

They said nearly 7,000 applicants applied to be on the show, with only 600 able to compete. In order to prepare, both would travel from College Station to Houston to train at a specialized gym. This gym allowed them to train on obstacles like the ones on the show.

"You would pretty much go there and climb on things until you couldn't climb on anymore,” Kaiti said.

They would train for at least three times a week at that specialized gym, and additional three days at a local gym in College Station. It was a three-hour commute to and from College Station and Houston, with at least a two hour work out time. All this on top of their heavy course load at Texas A&M.

"I would drive and whether it be studying, doing homework, Kaiti would be cranking out doing homework on her computer, reading me notes, flashcards, whatever we had for that day,” Cara said.

Kaiti is going to the American Ninja Warrior City Finals, which will air in July. Cara was knocked out of the competition by the Tick Tock Obstacle. Both are graduating at Texas A&M in a degree in mechanical engineer in August.