Sure, there's Thanksgiving and Christmas soon after. But what about those other days? You know what we're talking about: National "Something" Day.

For example, there's "Talk Like A Pirate" Day; "Star Wars" Day (May the Fourth be with you); even National "Grilled Cheese Day." November 15 is National "Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day."

If you take a look at the National Day Calendar, you'll see there's a reason to celebrate every single day.

"The people were having so much fun with it that we decided it really needs to be a business," explains Alice Anderson, one of the National Day Calendar co-founders. "This world needs some happy fun things."

Anderson and her husband started keeping track of some of the more sillier days of recognition a few years ago, just as a hobby. They posted their research online and quickly gained a big following. They eventually decided to turn this hobby into a full-time job, officially establishing the National Day Calendar.

Anderson says part of the business now is creating new days to celebrate. People can submit a form online with their idea for a significant day. Anderson says they get more than 18,000 submissions every year. A committee must unanimously vote to approve a day. They honor about 30 requests every year.