BRYAN/COLLEGE STATION, Texas --- A dangerous parasite could be lurking in uncooked fish, new health study reports.

Sushi became a concern for consumers since it's typically served with raw fish. However in Brazos County there are protocols put into place to keep you safe.

"We know that there are parasites in raw fish, that's a fact," Shelly Cmajdalka said, the Health Specialist at Brazos County Health Department. "But within the food rules there are some guidelines to prevent that."

Cmajdalka suggests to cook or freeze the fish at a specific temperature and time to kill potential parasites.

"I'll eat sushi everyday for the rest of my life," Tai Lee said, the executive chef and owner of Veritas Wine and Bistro. "My parents have done it, my grandparents done it, it didn't bother them one bit."

Lee has been serving wine and fresh sushi in College Station for over 10 years. He tells us that making sure the fish is safe is a big responsibility.

"I don't think any restaurateur in this area that would risk their reputation and lively hood to serve something contaminated," Lee said.

In order to combat potential parasite, he follows the guidelines set by the Brazos Valley Health Department, including his initial inspection of the fish, as well as freezing the fish.

"A huge credit to Don and Brazos Valley Health Department for doing their job educating us and making sure the restaurants are actually following those guidelines," Lee said. "They have been fantastic working as a partner. "