BRYAN, Texas -- While we may not expect to be caught in an active shooter situation, the recent attacks like Wednesday’s shooting in Alexandria shows anyone can be a victim.

"Unfortunately when we see events like this, it reminds us that we know we need to keep being proactive,” said Nathan Dennis, the crime prevention deputy at the Brazos County Sheriff’s Department.

Deputy Dennis gives us tips to help our chances of survival in an active shooter situation in three steps.

The first, avoid. This is where if an active shooter were present to find a way out of the situation.

Next, deny. If possible, lock all the doors or barricade the entrance to prevent the shooter from entering

And finally the third step, defend. This is where if you are unable to do the first two steps, to defend yourself from the shooter.

"Just because you can't carry a gun to your office doesn't mean your helpless,” Deputy Dennis said. “Staplers, a fire extinguisher, a chair, anything in those situations that your life depends on it can all be used as a weapon to defend your life against a shooter. "

But the biggest tip of all Deputy Dennis says, is just simply be aware of your surroundings.

“This doesn't just go for an active shooter, this could go for any other event,” Deputy Dennis said. “A lot of us get caught up with our daily lives looking at our cell phones. Just know where the exits are and what's going on around you because it could save your life. "

Classes are now being taught at the Brazos County Sheriff’s office. For more details, contact Deputy Dennis at, or (979)361-4906.