COLLEGE STATION, Texas - Being a college aged business owner is not a new concept, but a few Aggies have found a way to turn an average paint brush, into a multifunctional paint tool.

John and Landon are both Aggie students who have created a tool called the Versa Brush.

"The Versa Brush is an all in one painting tool. It combines some of your most commonly used painting tools into the paint brush that allows you to have your tools near you at all times," said Co-founder Landon Harrell.

The idea came about in July 2016 after an unsuccessful project quickly transformed into an innovative product, all created from the young entrepreneurs living room.

From a can opener, to a hammer, the Versa Brush includes five unique features that allows for convenience and simplicity.

What started as an idea has transformed into a product, and now John and Landon are in the process of turning that idea into their first startup business.

The co-founder are working on filing a utility patent and have even been in contact with a representative from the Home Shopping Network to potentially produce their product on a large scale.