COLLEGE STATION, Texas - The CVB or now, Experience Bryan, College Station is use to getting more than 2 million dollars each year from both cities, but that might change in two months.

After being Mayor for 6 months, both Andrew Nelson and Karl Mooney want to be confident that the tax payers dollars are going to the right areas.

"We know that our town has been growing, but unfortunately our police department has not grown with it, and that is of concern for us right now," Mooney said.

Mayor Mooney says they have a good relationship with the CVB but other areas in town need more funding, and Mayor Nelson agrees.

"We both have concern if we are getting our moneys worth or not and and if you have ongoing concerns, at some point you need to start holding your councils accountable for the tax payers dollar," Nelson said.

Both cities are two months out from the first budget hearing meeting and both Mayors claim this is the top priority to figure out.

"I know this may cause some uneasiness but we do this with every organization," Mooney said.

Experience Bryan, College Station released this statement to us:

Each year during the budget process, Experience Bryan College Station, our Board of Directors and the cities of Bryan and College Station discuss our budget, operations and opportunities to better achieve our mission of enhancing economic growth through the marketing and promotion of the Bryan College Station area to visitors, conferences, meetings and sports events. This process has brought about positive changes to our organization that have allowed us to grow and to better serve our community. We work in close partnership with both cities throughout this process and continue to do so. We look forward to their recommendations and guidance on how to best utilize our organization and the funding we receive through the Hotel Occupancy Tax (HOT) to further the positive economic impact and growth of the tourism industry in our community.

For information on the use of Hotel Occupancy Tax –

For FY17, Experience BCS received $1,846,991.16 from the City of College Station and $331,963.67 from the City of Bryan – representing less than 1/3 of the total Hotel Occupancy Tax collected in each city.