COLLEGE STATION, Texas - There's a lot of behind the scenes work that goes into making Olsen Field at Blue Bell Park top notch, especially for the Super Regionals.

"As a grounds keeper, my biggest goal is to go unnoticed, if we are doing our job right and no one really notices our job then that's a good thing," Nick McKenna, head grounds keeper said.

However, a little extra work has been put on the grounds keepers plates to make sure their field is NCAA approved.

"You always know there is a slight possibility that you are still going to be back here if everything falls into place like it did, so we really left ourselves set up just incase to be prepared for this instance," McKenna said.

Between each A&M and Davidson practice, the field needs to be prepped all over again.

"The big thing with us and the team with the field is consistency, the field needs to perform the exact same way during practice as it will Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for the guys when they play in the game," he said.

During this week the grounds keepers are working 7-7 to make sure Blue Bell Park is in perfect condition for Friday's game.