BRYAN, Texas -- Bryan Fire Department broke ground for a new state of the art facility to replace fire station number 2.

Construction for the $6 million fire station was approved in August by the Bryan City Council.

The new station will replace the old one build in 1967 with the ability to house 15 firefighters in one station equaling up to at least 5 crews. That's an increase from the one crew at the current station.

Fire Chief Randy McGregor says with the new resources at hand firefighters will be able to better meet the needs of the community.

"Just the overall image of the station here, it's going to send a much bigger message to the community that we're here. We're here to protect them and I think it will be a building we'll all be proud of to have here in Bryan," McGregor said.

The new station will also have a training room, exercise room and additional administrative officers.