BRYAN, Texas - Bryan ISD opened it's doors to the media Tuesday. Dr. Douglas Wunneburger, the school board's president, answered questions about Tommy Wallis' departure and even the new interim superintendent.

Wunneburger said even though the district cannot speak further on Tommy Wallis' resignation, citing nondisclosure agreements, he urged the public to have faith in the school board and Dr. Tim Rocka, the interim superintendent.

"The first thing that comes to mind for me with Dr. Rocka is his confidence," said Wunneburger. "He is among the most competent educators that I have known, and we have other people that are competent as well, but he doesn't act abruptly. "

Wunneburger also said the school board hasn't posted a job online for a permanent superintendent yet because the issue would need to be placed on a meeting agenda.

However, he suggested Rocka could potentially be a candidate.