BRYAN, Texas - Earlier this year the city of Bryan adopted a new grant program in hopes of increasing the cities economic life and improving the appearance of one of its highly traveled areas.

"It's a grant program that is allocated from the general fund and the council has approved up to $100,000 for this year," said Bryan Staff Planner Lindsay Hackett.

A total of 9 businesses along Texas Avenue were approved for the beautification and economic development matching grant, and property owners can use those funds to assist them with the costs of improvements to their business.

"There's a variety of improvements that we were looking for, including landscaping, facade improvements, parking lot improvements and things like that," said Hackett.

According to the city there is no exact timeline for completion, but the city hopes to have all the improvements finished within a year.

"Right now we are in the process of walking the applicants through their reviews and just whatever they will need to do to make the renovations on their properties," said Hackett.

Although the grant is in its flagship year, Hackett says they hope to continue the partnership with other local businesses in the future.

"We're seeing how this year goes and we're hoping that moving forward this is something that we could continue," said Hackett.