BRYAN, Texas - For the last decade the city of Bryan has received complaints about the noisy trains that pass through Downtown Bryan.

"Because Bryan has about 24 trains that go through every day just one after another. the trains sound their horns continuously, it’s been an issue that has been brought to the city, said city engineering consultant Gary Schatz.

On an average day dozens of trains running along the tracks near the busy intersection of Grosebeck and Finefeather pass through Downtown Bryan sounding off their thunderous alarms.

To combat the disturbance of these trains the city is working to implement a downtown quiet zone that would help contain the noise.

"A railroad quiet zone is where certain safety improvements are made at a series of railroad crossings, to allow the train to not routinely sound its horn," said Schatz.

Along with these proposed quiet zones, the city is also looking to install safety measures to counteract safety concerns in these quiet zones.

"One of the things we look to do is reduce the measure of people making the decision to run around the gate arms reducing the risk by some measured amount," said Schatz.

Although these proposed plans wouldn't take effect for another couple of years, Schatz says now the city is working on data collection and holding public meetings to inform residents of these proposed changes.

"It helps us to manage expectations on both sides because there's a lot of people that believe once you implement the quiet zone there will be no train horn at all and that's not true," said Schatz.