BRYAN, Texas - The clown craze continues across the United States and now at least one Bryan ISD school has received a threat.

A 'clown' or someone posing as one created an Instagram account targeting Jane Long Middle School. The Instagram account with the name, KillerrrKlown, states in it's bio, "going to Jane Long Middle School on October sixth be ready kids."

School officials have said they believe this is just a prank, however all school faculty are on the look out and will keep their eyes open. We spoke with a parent whose kid goes to Jane Long and he says he is tired of seeing all of the clown stuff going on but doesn't think this one is a credible threat.

"It could be a prank but it also might not be a prank, you never really know but I don't think its that bad to keep my kid home from school right now," Ernest Dibbs said.

Bryan ISD says this isn't the first school that has been targeted and while they are taking this seriously they will still continue to go about their normal school day.