COLLEGE STATION, Texas -- The city of College Station approved nearly $1.5 million of federal money to fund local affordable housing organization Thursday. One of those organizations receiving the federal grant, the Bryan/College Station Habitat for Humanity.

“We try to make this community a better place and particularly help these families,” Charles Coats said, the director of home buyer service at the Habitat for Humanity in Bryan/College Station.

The non-profit organization helps provide affordable housing for lower income families. Currently, they've been running on donations and the money that the new home owners are required to pay to help continue the process of providing affordable housing for others.

"Many of these families have been for years, even decades hoping that one day they will be able to buy a home, and particularly for their children if they have them,” Coats said.

And with this new opportunity, they can continue their mission in providing affordable housing for generations to come.

"The only thing I would say is to come and see how it works,” Coats said. “It's something that is almost indescribable. "