BRYAN, Texas - Fire prevention week is underway and first responders are providing a strong reminder to families about fire drills.

Many local fire stations will be going door to door to homes to make sure their fire alarms are on and working.

Others are trying to help spread the word about fire hazards and what to do when something goes wrong, more importantly making sure every family has a plan.

"It's important for a family to make a plan, families without the plan, it can be chaotic and dangerous for everybody. So kids need to know to get out quickly and stay low and parents need to know what the plane is for the entire family and the home." Tyler Vitek, a firefighter said

This Saturday the Bryan Fire Department will be conducting a county-wide home fire drill test and wants everyone to participate. To do so, simply have a set plan in your household to know how to handle an emergency situation if one were to occur.

Firefighters say it shouldn't take more than two minutes to complete, and will help you and your family stay calm if an emergency were to happen.