BRYAN, Texas -- On the end of West 31st St. in Downtown Bryan, something special is being made.

Mick Burson is a painter out of Waco. He was tasked to make a nearly two-story high mural in Downtown Bryan. It’s one of five walls that will be painted from now until the end of August.

"This is my favorite thing to do out of everything in the world,” Burson said. "This is what I love doing the most."

It took nearly two and a half days to make his interpretation of the City of Bryan from the size of a sheet of paper to a two-story high mural.

"The fact that it took two and a half days was kind of a bummer,” Burson said. “I would have loved to continue painting on it just wall after wall after wall. "

The art installation is the brainchild of Katie Neason of Renovation Wranglers. Her company bought property across the then empty wall and wanted to use it to create something the whole community could enjoy.

"Our goal is to bring people into Downtown Bryan to seek out the mural and want to take their picture in front of it,” Neason said. “It will bring more people to Downtown Bryan and all the merchants will benefit from it. "

With the help of the Downtown Association and Brazos Valley Art Council, they selected five Texas Artist to paint five separate murals on their interpretation of the City of Bryan for everyone to enjoy.

"I'm super excited to see it all done,” Burson said. “It was all fun.”

The project is expected to be complete by the end of August with a public unveiling on September 1st.