COLLEGE STATION, Texas - Bill Flores is hosting another remote town hall meeting tonight and people in the community are not in favor.

However, back in April, Flores took a poll and 80% of people voted yes to remote town hall meetings. Stating they are more convenient and easier.

"A majority of the participants, that were polled were asked if they preferred a technology or face to face and they preferred a technology based town hall," Flores said.

Others however, disagree and are sharing how they feel on Facebook. Asking Flores to please come in person or even over the weekend. According to Bill Flores, a remote town hall reaches more people.

"We are able to reach a lot broader audience, its more convenient for people to participate," he said.

While people are asking Flores to come in person, more than half said otherwise.

Tuesday's meeting starts at 7:05 p.m. and if you would like to join in you can go Bill Flores's Facebook page and ask questions through his live feed. Or call the number that is posted on his live feed.

You can click here for that link.