COLLEGE STATION, Texas - To get to know Karl Mooney a little bit better, one of the candidates running for Mayor in College Station, we came to his home where he showed us his train collection, which is 60 years in the making.

"I'm really proud of these American Flyer trains, these are trains that were built primarily in the 1940's and 1905's, they all run and for Christmas time I will even put some around the tree," Mooney said.

Trains aren't the only thing Karl is proud of. A father of three, he had to get creative about getting the kids to go to sleep.

"Bedtime would come around and sometimes they were reluctant to go to sleep, so one of the ways that I did that, I made up stories," he said.

The first story Karl ever made up was called Princess Garbage Stories and the book was picked up by a big publisher.

"I wrote it, I submitted it, I even did my own limited amateur art work, but surprise surprise, Barnes and Noble said, we like this," he said.

Between trains and writing stories, Karl hopes his next chapter in College Station will be as Mayor.

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