BRYAN, Texas - We're two weeks away from election day, and with campaign posters plastered around town, we wanted to find out more about the candidates behind those signs.

Andrew Nelson, one of the candidates running for Mayor in Bryan just a little bit better, we came out to Travis Field park, where he not only played here as a kid, but watched his kids play here and coached them.

"It's something that I have such great memories with as a child and a young man playing baseball for so many years, so it just feels like home here at Travis Field," Nelson said.

Andrew was a catcher, played infield and was even a pitcher at times but his favorite memory on Travis Field was when the competition started to heat up.

"When you did all stars it was always fun because it was so competitive, you had all the best players, so you had a better quality game and you had pride in your community," Nelson said.

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