After one Texas Sheriff initiated a "No Hug" policy, for himself, the Grimes County Sheriff spoke up against the policy on Facebook.

"I have noticed recently that a Texas Sheriff initiated a “No Hug” policy due to the outbreak of sexual harassment issues around our country," said Sheriff Don Sowell of Grimes County. "I’d like to inform anyone that may be concerned about this topic that in Grimes County, Texas we will never have a “No Hug” policy."

"None of that will happen here, we will keep giving hugs," said Sowell.

Sheriff Sowell decided to post the kind words after seeing the post below come across his feed.

"As a gentleman raised by my Mother, she would be awfully disappointed to hear that I implemented a “No Hug” policy as I, and most people I know, come from an atmosphere that hugs are legal as well as laughter," said Sowell.