COLLEGE STATION, Texas—Some say laughter is the best medicine.

The Senior Circle at the College Station Medical Center gathers once a month to get a dose of joy and happiness.

It’s called Laughter Yoga.

You won’t find any downward dogs or tree poses here.

But what you will find is a lot of singing, hugging, and of course, laughing.

Angelika Hoepfl started the Brazos Valley Laughter Yoga circle around five years ago at the College Station Medical Center.

“The Laughter Yoga movement was founded by an Indian physician, Dr. Madan Kataria, probably going on 25 years now, and it’s everywhere,” said Hoepfl.

“Everybody is laughing everywhere,” she added.

According to Hoepfl, Laughter Yoga is a healthy way to beat stress and improve quality of life.

“Not only does it help you relax, and bring more joy into your life, it’s also a great way to connect with each other and have some personal interaction,” said Hoepfl.

Dr. Aiyanadar Shanmugam agrees.

“There’s really no side effects to this medicine called Laughter Yoga,” said Shanmugam.

Dr. Shanmugam practiced medicine in the Brazos Valley for the last 34 years and recently retired and he never misses a session of Laughter Yoga.

“It has medicinal effects in the sense that it makes you feel emotionally better, physically better,” said Shanmugam.

Because you can’t help but have a good time and go home feeling the peace and joy from all the laughter.

“It’s all the good people we meet here and the fellowship. Whatever mood you come in, you go home happier,” said Shanmugam.