BRYAN, Texas - According to a report from San Jose State University, there have been more than 700 heat related deaths of children left in vehicles since 1990, and over the last 20 years more children in Texas have died in hot cars than anywhere else.

"The dash can typically get up to 210 degrees in the heat so you imagine the rest of the car and how hot that can be, so its scary to think about when children are left alone in the car," said CHI St. Joseph Paramedic Denise Stackhouse.

It only takes 10 minutes for a car to rise 19 degrees and with the sweltering Texas heat that number can rise even faster.

While most heat related deaths in cars are accidental, Stackhouse says no one should be left alone in a hot car

"Especially with elderly people, children and pets they are more susceptible than regular people that are in great condition. No animal or person should be left in a car especially in this Texas heat," said Stackhouse.

When it comes to helping someone, who may be suffering from a heat related illness, physicians with CapRock ER say after alerting 911, it's all about cooling that person’s body temperature as quickly as possible.

"There is no restriction to how rapidly you get that person cool, so use whatever means you have and be as aggressive as you can be to cool there body as quickly as you can. The longer they are in that hypothermic state, the more likely they are to suffer from severe complications," said M.D. J.D. Cochran.