BRYAN, Texas—October is breast cancer awareness month and for one family in Crockett, the disease hit close to home.

Lee Holsey remembers his wife as a compassionate person, someone who would go out of her way to help others.

Michelle Lynn Holsey’s giving spirit didn’t stop when she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

When Michelle was going through her treatments at M.D. Anderson, Lee remembers meeting a lot of people who had missed work for weeks or parents who had small children and weren’t able to work.

“My wife was generous in the fact that a lot of times we’d get up and leave the waiting room and she’d give them a card with some money in it,” recalls Lee.

When Michelle passed away in 2006, Lee started a foundation in her memory.

“I thought it would be a good way to pay tribute to that giving spirit and continue helping in the way she helped,” said Lee.

For the past 11 years, the Michelle Lynn Holsey Foundation has held benefits including cutting horse competitions.

This year, the foundation has brought the biggest competition to the Brazos County Expo.

“Cutting competition is a ranch derived event where you have two and a half minutes to drive down through a herd of cattle, and you sort out usually two to three cattle during that time,” said Lee.

Cowboys and cowgirls come from all over the country to compete, and the funds go to the Michelle Lynn Holsey Foundation.

“We assist men, women, and children in their quest to battle cancer and other debilitating diseases,” explained Lee.

The foundation has raised $1 million in the last decade to fight cancer, all in the memory of a courageous woman who had a mission to help others.

The cutting horse competition goes on through Saturday at the Brazos County Expo and admission is free.

The dinner and auction will be Saturday evening at the Expo where Mark Wills will be performing.

Tickets are still available at the door, and through the Michelle Lynn Holsey Foundation website.