BRYAN, Texas - It has been almost two weeks since Bryan ISD's former superintendent Dr. Tommy Wallis resigned from his position. Now, the school district is trying to move forward.

While the school board has yet to discuss a permanent replacement, the interim superintendent, Dr. Tim Rocka, is already at work. This afternoon was the first time Rocka met with press. He would not comment on Wallis' departure or how the board handled it.

Dr. Rocka has been with the district since 2011, working in human resources and most recently as the deputy superintendent. He says he does not believe trust between the district and parents has been hindered by Wallis' unexplained departure.

"I think our deeds speak for themselves. Parents can drop off their kids at school everyday and know that their child is safe and will get a quality education," said Dr. Rocka.

Interim Superintendent Rocka says he is interested in the permanent superintendent job and he is working to prove his worth. He hopes to make three significant changes to the district, including reducing the high teacher turnover rate, creating more engagement between the schools and the community, and raising the student success rate.