BRYAN, Texas - While many people may still be enjoying their 4th of July holiday week, park and recreation crews are cleaning up from all the festivities.

The fireworks have settled and now all that remains is the remnants of beer cans, fireworks, debris and piles and piles of overflowing trash.

This morning a crew of three workers hit the grounds around the lake picking up the aftermath of July 4.

It's a day that started around 8 am, from picking up beer cans and leftover watermelon rinds to the wrappers left behind from the hundreds of fireworks.

It seems to be a job that would take a crew of ten and a few days to tackle, but Grounds Keeper Marcos Tax says although today there is more trash than normal he's used to the work because it’s what he does every day.

"Today I work from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and I have two men helping me. This is what we will do all day, today and tomorrow," said Tax.

After speaking with Lake Bryan Manager Barry Irvins, he says this amount of trash is not normal for the lake but due to the high volume of visitors yesterday, it is bound to happen.

Now grounds crew are just working hard to clean up all that was left behind.