BRAZOS COUNTY, Texas - Since College Station approved an ordinance to go hands free, officials with the College Station Police Department have issued over 700 combined warnings and citations.

Now lawmakers are fighting to pass a senate bill that would make this ordinance apply state wide.

Local driving instructor Bennie Schertz has taught at the Austin Driving School in Bryan for more than two decades and says distracted driving is one of the many components of their coursework.

"Say someone is texting and driving, it does things that are very similar to someone who is intoxicated while driving, and thats a problem in itself," said Schertz.

This is the fourth consecutive session that the Texas House of Representatives have passed a bill to implement a statewide ban on texting while driving to which Bennie says is very important.

"I htink it should be outlawed everywhere, because people tend to swerve, when the light is green they sit and finish their conversation," said Schertz.

The committee did not vote on Senate Bill 31 but could later this week. If voted out of the committee, it will then head to the full senate.