UPDATE: A meeting between The National Guard, Bryan Little League and The City of Bryan will be held at City Hall this Thursday at 10 am. They will discuss potential agreement for the players to still have Bob Bond Park.

BRYAN, Texas - A group of parent are upset after receiving a letter that says their little league team may no longer be able to play at a Bryan park.

For 64 years, parents have sent their kids to the Bryan Little League East Team to play at Bob Bond Park, but that may change soon.

The National Guard and the Texas Army Guard sent a request to parents asking them to sign a lease to vacate the park in a year and parents want to understand why.

Those who use the park are asking the city to help them find another location.

"I want them to save our park. And if they can't save it, certainly provide an alternative place for us to play," said Lori Pfeffer, a parent whose daughter plays for the team.

The president of the little league team says there are on-going conversations to find out why the National Guard wants the park.

"We have fields for the west side and the north side, so we would need a dedicated field for the east side," Pfeffer said.

KAGS has reached out to the City of Bryan about the decision, but have not heard back.