BRYAN/COLLEGE STATION, Texas - With multiple graduation ceremonies, Mothers Day and local proms all happening this week, there will definitely be more traffic than usual in the area.

This influx of people also generates more business than usual for hotels, restaurants, bars and shops in town.

"We are very busy this weekend. We are just trying to keep up, make everyone happy and get everyone where they need to go," said LaSalle Hotel's Melissa Hernandez.

"May graduation is always a big deal to more than just A&M in the BCS area. We've already seen some of that business this week. So we are definitely expecting a large turnout for this weekend. So lots of Rose, Lots of extra wine and all hands on deck," said Downtown Uncorked General Manager Kyle Holmes.

Graduation ceremonies for A&M are scheduled to to begin Thursday, May 11 and will end with the final ceremony at Kyle Field on Saturday, May 13.

As for Blinn they will be holding their ceremony this Friday at the Brenham High School auditorium.