COLLEGE STATION, Texas - One local family is relying on their friends and community to help raise money for their daughter with Epilepsy.

3 year old Bella Chambers has experienced hundreds of seizures since she was only 7 months old.

"When shes sleeping at night, even when she is sleeping right next to us, sometimes we don't even know that she is having a seizure," Candice Chambers said.

Bella's parents installed a camera in her room that can detect movement, so if she seizes in her sleep, they will get a notification sent straight to their phone.

"In a seizure, shes not really going to move so much, so that is our greatest fear, that something is going to happen and we didn't catch it," Jon Chambers said.

Right now the family has 10,000 dollars of their 17,000 dollar goal, to pay for the dog, and specialized training to detect Bella's seizures.

If you would like to help donate to this family, there is a garage sale this Saturday from 7-3 at Connecting Point Church on Harvey road. All of the funds will go to help get their service dog.