COLLEGE STATION, Texas - One group in the Brazos Valley has been demanding answers from Representative Bill Flores.

The Indivisible group of Bryan, College Station met Tuesday night to weigh in for a watch party of Bill Flores' Telephone Town Hall meeting.

Confusion, concern and outrage were many of the emotions displayed as the local community gathered to watch representative Bill Flores address district 17 constituents.

What many had hoped for was to speak with representative Flores in person but were left to settle with speaking to him through a projector screen and their phones as he broadcasted live from Washington.

"I do not understand why people do not think they can meet in a neutral place and take in information from their constituents and represent them," said community member Lisa Halperin

According to representative Flores’ website the purpose of these telephone town hall meetings is to reach his constituents more efficiently, but many attendees felt that by not allowing them to voice their concerns in person he was doing the exact opposite.

"Whether he agrees with us or not he is our representative and he should be here for town hall, said high school senior Carlos Espina.