COLLEGE STATION, Texas - Texas is one of six states with seat belt requirements for school buses.

But we found out only a handful of districts actually follow the rule. The Texas seat belt legislation was approved in 2007 mandating all school buses be equipped with three point seat belts.

The law however, would not take effect unless the legislature provided money for each district. Most of that budget was cut in 2011, meaning the schools who didn't get funded, didn't have to comply.

Four school districts in Texas were given the grant for seat belts, South Texas, Austin, Pettus, and Dallas County ISD's.

In Bryan, most school buses do not come with seat belts The College Station school district said: "When a bus is equipped with seatbelts, the expectation is that all students wear them."

However, in College Station only 5 out of 110 school buses are equipped with seat belts.