BRYAN, Texas - Students in Bryan are hoping to revamp their careers by taking their skills on the road. It's all part of a truck driving course offered by Blinn College.

"If you set up on your position first, it makes things a whole lot easier," said student Bill Laird as he sat behind the wheel of the big rig.

Laird is in his first week of the course, which teaches students how to pioneer semi trucks.

"Basically, you're taking somebody that has never driven a standard before or pulled a trailer," said instructor Ricky Radkiewicz with ATDS Truck Driving School. Radkjewicz is working with Blinn to teach the course.

Truck drivers are in high demand due to freight and retail shipping. That's one of the reasons Laird saw truck driving as an opportunity.

"It's a whole lot better than being unemployed. The work is steady, and the pay is good," said Laird.

After the four-week course, students who pass the final exam will receive their commercial driver's license and hopefully land a job.

And Laird has big plans for his family.

"Someday, maybe buy a rig of our own and see the country and get paid for doing it," he said.

Blinn offers multiple sessions for its truck driving course and says starting pay for new truck drivers is around $20 an hour.