COLLEGE STATION, Texas - The attacks on Syria, both by their own government and ours hit close to home for some Aggies.

One Aggie student from Syria says she is hopeful this is a step in the right direction.

"We are still skeptical about the motive and the timing of the air strikes, and what the long run will be, but for now it does give the people in Syria a few days relief from bombing," Yussra Hamid said.

Hamid says, while they gather to pray in the mosque, no one is forgetting their families overseas.

"These people are our families, and neighbors, and the air strikes send a possible beginning to an end to this lengthy and bloody civil war," Hamid said.

She is also concerned with President Trump's executive order to keep out people from certain countries.

"I think if we would be able to help the Syrian problem, then we wouldn't have refugees, and war is the source for refugees, so if this is the right step in the right direction to the civil war and allowing people to find a stable home within their own country, then that's a good thing," Hamid said.