COLLEGE STATION, Texas - We are exactly three weeks away from a new College Station ordinance that would prohibit using your hand held device while driving.

Meaning, you could get pulled over for texting and driving and receive a citation for doing so. One local Aggie knows all too well what it means to be distracted while driving and her story is an inspiration to many who won't put the cell phone down.

Makenzie McLaurin was 18 when she ran into a tree after looking for her cell phone while driving. She was in the hospital for two months and in a wheel chair for 5 years. She just started walking again this year.

"I constantly have pain and nerve damage and cant stand up for about 20 minutes at a time and I can't walk very far," Makenzie said.

With the new ordinance coming to town, she is hoping no one will make the same mistake she did.

"It can wait, it's not important enough to lose our life or change the outcome of it from a text message or being distracted by whatever it is," she said.