COLLEGE STATION, Texas - The Spring time brings warmer climates beautiful blooms and lots and lots of love bugs.

These tiny little insects love the Texas humidity and entomologist Robert Puckett says the warmer temperatures this season have contributed to the larger number of love bugs present.

"What we're seeing out in the field is the emergence of adults, emerging from eggs that were laid last Fall and these are going to pop and be real prevalent for another week or so," said Puckett.

Love bugs aren't only attracted to each other but also the emissions put out by vehicles which is why they are often seen hovering near the front of the car.

Drews car wash manager Brit Byrom says love bug season is one of their busiest and that it’s important to keep your car well maintained and clear of these bugs whose acidic bodies could eat away the enamel on your car.

"I would recommend getting something that has more of a hot wax or a body protectant so it can protect your clear coat better," said Byrom.