BRYAN, Texas -- The medical innovation award was given to Congressman Bill Flores on Thursday.

CHI St. Joseph recognized the representative for his key role to suspend a the medical device tax.

The medical device tax was enacted back in 2010 as part of the Affordable Care Act, where the congressman says it was economically damaging the medical equipment industry and to those companies that create innovative medical technology.

As a result, the award symbolizes the efforts made to keep jobs and investment right here in America by blocking the tax.

"One is, it helps our patients, number one, to have that technology developed here at home in America and secondly it helps keep the jobs and the innovation for the people that come up with the new shifts in health care," Flores said.

Medical Imaging and Technology Alliance and General Electric presented the award to the congressman.

Chi St. Joseph's houses one of the medical imaging technology called an Optima CT Scan. It cost the hospital roughly $900,000.