BRYAN, Texas - Messina Hof is celebrating 40 years of Texas winemaking history with a limited-edition collection of commemorative wines.

The 40th anniversary wines feature an exclusive label to honor Messina Hof's original design and to pay tribute to the beginning of its Texas winemaking legacy.

Messina Hof founder Paul Bonarrigo tells us he feels so extremely blessed by the amount of success his company has achieved thus far.

"Well it's great to be 40 years old in the wine business, especially the Texas wine business because when we started there wasn't a Texas wine industry, and now we have the 5th largest wine industry in the US," said Bonarrigo.

Along with the release of the limited-edition wines, Messina Hof will be hosting a variety of events at all three of their locations in celebration of their historical 40th year.

"It's very gratifying to see where we came from and it's even more gratifying to see where we are," said Bonarrigo.