COLLEGE STATION, Texas -- Some underprivileged children will soon have a healthy meal, during the school day, thanks to some generous students at Texas A&M University.

The Memorial Student Center Freshman and Hosting Organization- or MSC Fish-- gathered for a meal packing event Friday at Rudder Exhibit Hall.

Over 100 Aggie freshman lined tables in aprons and hair-nets creating meal packets that will be sent to local food banks in the Brazos Valley and two impoverished countries.

The freshman organization raised over $5,000 through donations and grants for the packets, which also covers the cost of shipping.

Junior Justin Glenney supervises the MSC Fish group and said the motivation behind the event aligns with the Aggie core value of selfless service.

"It is our heart to be able to serve the community, to be able to service the world and serve it selflessly with no concern for ourselves through true acts of altruism that impacts the community," said Glenney.

To the freshman students who participated said it means making a difference in the lives of children they'll never know.

"Here's an opportunity to help out some kids that I'll never see. They'll grow up and I may never see them, but knowing they got a better future..I'll do anything I can to help out," said freshman Elijah Durand.

Glenney explained that the school day in Haiti is cut short due to the lack of food for school lunches. By donating these packets, many children will now have healthy lunches and an extended school day.

Each meal packet contains six highly nutritious meals with rice, beans, and other proteins.

The MSC Fish packed 30,000 of the meals Friday and a portion of those will go to Haiti and Aleppo, Syria. The remainder of the packets will go to local food banks.