BRYAN, Texas -- A new data center to the Texas A&M Rellis Campus could mean big news for Brazos Valley.

"I'm not sure if there is another data center like ours,” Phillip Ray said, the vice chancellor of business affairs for Texas A&M University.

Currently, Texas A&M has smaller data center used exclusively by the university. With the new proposed data center, this would not only house all of Texas A&M's data, but It could also provide backup data for companies outside Bryan/College Station.

"Some of the hands-on learning and hands-on opportunity that they’re going to have our students and professors and researchers to learn,” Ray said.

It's what Vice Chancellor Ray says are three aspects that are attracting companies to this new data center.

First, size. Because of the size of the Rellis Campus, it could potentially provide a substantial amount of space for data.

Second, location. The new campus, located in Bryan, is inland that it's less likely to get hit by a coastal disaster in the south, and away from tornado alley in the north.

And finally, Texas A&M as a university. Vice Chancellor Ray says the research going on at the campus could attract businesses to the area

"As Aggies we like to be first and on that cutting edge and this one is another example of Texas A&M University system on the very forefront of thinking, innovation, and creativity, " Ray said.

But even if you never deal with data centers ever in your life, Vice Chancellor Ray says the success of this data center can trickle down to our communities in Brazos Valley.

"I think this growth potential growing west and they expressed that to me,” Ray said. “I think what we saw today shows affirmation of that."

There is not a set date for the completion of this project. The next stage will be the final proposals meeting, which is set for July 28.