COLLEGE STATION, Texas - Thanksgiving is an opportunity to reconnect with your family and loved ones through food, fun and laughter. Now imagine being a teenager miles away from your home country not knowing anything about the holiday prior to stepping foot on American soil.

This is the life that many exchange students such as Isabella Ananias are experiencing.

"Thanksgiving is a holiday for family, and I am not with my family here so it is a little hard", said Brazilian exchange student Isabella Ananias.

Isabella is a 17-year-old from São Paulo, Brazil and is part of the Rotary International Youth Exchange program, which allows students from all over the world to experience new cultures and customs.

"The exchange is just one part of the Rotary, it's a big organization and they do a lot of good things for people all over the world", said Ananias.

An integral part of Brazilian culture is family time and with Thanksgiving being such a family oriented holiday, Isabella was easily able to adapt to the customs of the American tradition.

"I really like it here, the spirit of the city is young because it is a college town," said Ananias.

Despite her busy schedule, Isabella still finds time to enjoy the normalcy of being a teenager. She has even found ways to bring parts of her home life here to the U.S.