The second round of results of an annual poll released Wednesday reveal Texans' feelings about the race for the U.S. Senate seat, Governor Abbott's approval ratings and how Texans view President Trump.

The Texas Lyceum, a nonprofit, non-partisan group, conducts and releases the results of their poll annually. The 2017 poll was conducted April 3 through April 9 and queried 1,000 adult Texans.

Statewide poll numbers revealed that U.S. Republican Senator Ted Cruz is tied with U.S. Congressman Beto O'Rourke, a Democrat, in the race for the Senate seat. However, 37 percent of Texans said they haven't thought about the race yet. The poll numbers also show that the other Democratic challenger, U.S. Congressman Joaquin Castro, has a better chance against the incumbent with 35 percent of Texas adults saying they support him over Cruz.

"Ballot tests conducted this far in advance of an actual election are, at best, useful in gauging the potential weaknesses of incumbents seeking re-election," said Daron Shaw. "But the substantial percentage of undecided respondents—coupled with the conservative, pro-Republican proclivities of the Texas electorate in recent years—suggest a cautious interpretation."

Results also show that Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick is polling at 25 percent while his Democratic challenger, Houston-area accountant Mike Collier, is polling at 27 percent. However, 46 percent of voters said they have not thought about this race yet, either.

The poll also shows that 52 percent of Texans believe the country is 'on the wrong track,' which is fewer than last year's 63 percent. 84 percent of Texas Democrats said they believe the country is on the wrong track while 73 percent of Texas Republicans said things are moving in the right direction.

54 percent of the surveyed Texans said they disapprove of President Donald Trump while 42 percent said they approve of him. However, the results differ dramatically by party. 85 percent of Republicans approve of the President while 86 percent of Democrats disapprove of his performance.

The results also indicate that most Texans approve of Governor Greg Abbott's job performance with 53 percent giving him good marks, including 82 percent of Republicans. 53 percent of Democrats said they disapprove of the Governor's performance, but 25 percent expressed approval.

Only 32 percent of Texans believe the national economy is better than it was a year ago, but only 20 percent believe that it is worse, according to the poll.

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