BRYAN, Texas - The pollen in the air has probably been effecting your allergies recently

While we might hate the runny nose and watery eyes spring season, the bee colony cant get enough. In fact, that's how they survive, bees rely on the pollen as one of their two main food sources and how they make honey.

Something you may not know is, if you are allergic to something that the bees pollinate then eating that honey they produce can actually be beneficial.

"Pollen actually ends up in the honey because you end up getting grains which is why if you have allergy symptoms, eating raw unfiltered honey can actually help with your allergies," President of the Bee Keeper Association, Chris Barnes said.

Barnes started the Brazos Valley Beekeeper Association 5 years ago and already has more than 50 members. And a youth program.

"We are actually interested for the kids who would want to join for next year. At the end of the program they get their own beekeeper outfit, smoker and bee hive," Barnes said.

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