BRYAN, Texas - For bull riders it’s all about lasting the full eight seconds, but for rodeo clowns, they have to hang on a little bit longer than that.

"Lots of people can't remember your name but they know me by my pink hat and they know me by the way i dress with the blue and white striped shirt," said Rodeo Clown Rudy Burns.

For the past 47 years Rudy Burns has spent his life in the rodeo arena and for him every day is about taking the bull by its horns.

" I used to ride bulls and i used to fight bulls," said Rudy.

Rudy said growing up he was always a class clown. So, after his bull fighting and riding days were behind him, it only fit for him to become a rodeo clown.

"I rode bulls and that's how I got started clowning. I was always a class clown and I always like to play jokes on people," said Rudy.

For some it may seem like a job for the insane but for Rudy,

"I'm not scared of them I respect them, and I know what they can do to you if you do something wrong," said Rudy.

Now a days Rudy says he leaves the bull fighting for the young guys, but despite his long list of near death injuries, Rudy says there is nothing like the rush of chasing around a 1500-pound bull.

"The adrenaline flow is like no other. it's the greatest thing for me. i would love to get on the bull to ride him tonight but at my age it's stupid," said Rudy.

At the age of 68, most rodeo clowns have retired or found a less risky job, but Rudy says he'll be clowning around until he can’t anymore.

"We're going to keep doing it until it quits being fun," said Rudy.