COLLEGE STATION, Texas - The State of Texas has 27 days to explain why some schools in the state are reportedly denying special education services to students in need.

Texas currently has a special education benchmark of 8.5 percent. Now the Federal Government wants to make sure students aren't getting turned away in order for the state to stay within that benchmark.

"I have never felt any kind of pressure by this 8 and a half percent number in fact the only time we ever even look at that is annually when we receive the report," Molley Perry, a special education coordinator said.

8.5 percent is currently the target number for Texas schools, but there isn't a specific quota. The Federal Government has ordered state officials to end special education benchmarks, unless, the state can prove no students have been denied services.

If the state fails to prove to the Federal Government that it's not discriminating against students applying to receive special accomadations the government will take away the benchmark.