COLLEGE STATION, Texas - The 2016 Student Bonfire has taken almost a year to build and today is the day it will be lit.

500 gallons of diesel has been sprayed on the stack all day and will continue to do so until the lighting at 8:30 pm tonight. The students in charge are also stacking the 1,750 logs in a particular order so that none of them will fall or collapse like they did seventeen years ago.

"There is no hoop stress on this tier and we take a three inch cable wire and we wrap it around the stack and get it really secure," Donny Olmos, a senior Redpot said.

Each log is touching the ground to make sure there will be no movement.

"We decided to do this post collapse and its a lot safer this way, theres a lot less room for error, less chance for things to fall and its more secure with everything wired to center pole," Head Stack Redpot, Sid Wegert said.

The Bonfire will be lit at 8:30 p.m. tonight and the students are expecting to see more than 25,000 people in attendance.