COLLEGE STATION, Texas - Texas Task Force 1 took several boats, communication devices, life jackets, and more to make sure they have enough supplies for them and any victims in TS Cindy.

The workers can be self sufficient for up to three days with two workers in a boat at a time.

"As a water squad, we are able to go 72 hours without contact from the outside world if need be, to where they know here at our operations we will be good to go for that amount of time without worrying about us," -Derrick Butler said.

While there are resources and crew members on hand 24 hours a day, they are asking the public for one thing.

"We use turn around don't drown, it helps us so that we don't have to go out and put our people in danger trying to rescue you when that could have been prevented by just not driving in those areas," Chief Chuck Jones said.

For animal rescue, The Texas A&M vet school told us they are going to wait and see exactly how bad the storm is before they send out resources and a crew.