COLLEGE STATION, Texas -- At the Cushing Library on Texas A&M's University, they're holding something special for ‘Game of Thrones’ fans.

"It's fun to look and fun to display,” Jeremy Brett said, the curator of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Collection at the Cushing Library. “It’s kind of like working in a toy store in a lot of ways.”

Behind closed doors, the storage area called ‘The Wall,’ holds nearly 13000 books from George R.R Martin’s work, the creator of the series. It includes the manuscript of one of his novels. merchandise, and even sword replicas from the popular show.

The relationship with Martin and Texas A&M started after he traveled from New Mexico to attend multiple AggieCons, a student run convention for fans of all things science fiction.

"Our director at the time said 'Would you consider giving them to A&M,’ and Martin thought about it and he had a good reputation with A&M he said, "yeah!” Brett said.

Since 1993, they’ve received items from Martin's collection for the public to enjoy. Items Jeremy says has bridge the gap between Martin's science fiction world to reality here in College Station.

"There aren't swords, they’re not real weapons, they aren't swords used in the actual show, they just look like them,” Brett said. “But people pick them up and for a minute they get to be those characters. They find that there’s something very invigorating and exciting about watching people make that transition in their minds. “

And with Texas seemingly getting hotter and hotter, winter is here, and here to stay.